Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Truther's Meal Ticket

The French instigator of trutherism, Thierry Meyssan, is still out there “just asking questions” in the specious manner of someone trying to fabricate an ugly mob of morons with pitchforks. His latest theory involves implying that Sarkozy is a CIA plant because he once shook hands with an American.

Operation Sarkozy: how the CIA has placed one of its agents as President of the French Republic

To understand how a man who all agree today to see the officer USA and Israel have become the Gaullist party leader, then president of the French Republic, we must go back very far back.

We must take a long digression during which we will present the protagonists who are now their revenge.
In other words, to an earlier, mystical age where anything can be invented, and the gullible can wrest their belief that unicorns pranced across the continent of Atlantis.

At this point it’s alright, if you’re French, to question Meyssan’s patriotism. It really is. You can also question his humanity as well for constructing these loony evasions.
In 1977, Pal Sarkozy separates from his second wife, Christine de Ganay, which then binds with the No. 2 at the headquarters of the Department of State of USA. She marries him and moves with him to America. The world is small, is well known, her husband is none other than Frank Wisner Jr., son of the aforementioned. The function of this Junior agent for the CIA are not known, but it clearly plays an important role. Nicolas, who remains close to his stepmother, his half-brother and half-sister, begins to turn to the USA where he "enjoys" training programs of the Department of State.
The State Department, isn’t just NOT the CIA, it has almost always been at odds with it. As for having “junior agents”, it doesn’t fit the other slanderous allegation that they’re too paranoid to trust any furriner, and that James Jesus “come to Jesus” Angleton skewered infants on a spit. Never mind too, the fact that Sarkozy was in law school at the time, and that it’s hard to see how someone can be transformed into an agent of anything in a summer exchange program meant to form relations with that all-wise “outside world” that America is said to not people able to find on a globe because we are assumed to all think monolithically and uniformly that the earth is flat.

There’s something for everyone, even American lefties. Meyssan is out pimping the implausible idea that Democratic Party muckymuck Rahm Emmanuel is a Mossad agent. Here’s a newsflash for ya, douchenozzle. Rahm Emmanuel is neither that smart or trustworthy.

Meyssan, like so many well-dressed idiots in this world is looking for mythological explanations to the events he’s shown in the news, and specifically looking for ones that stroke his political chicken, and his prejudicial predisposed conclusions that have “vintage 1974” written all over them. Here he is working the “learned helplessness” angle where if you are passivated into a state of victimhood, you will believe that even your thoughts are caused by others’ actions:
Well before the Iraq crisis, Frank Wisner Jr. and his colleagues at the CIA planned the destruction of the current Gaullist and the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy. They acted in three stages: first the elimination of the Gaullist party leadership and taking control of that device, then the elimination of main rival right and the inauguration of the Gaullist party in the presidential election, finally the elimination of any serious challenger left to be certain of winning the presidential election.
Frank Wisner SR. worked for the wartime OSS and later the CIA, Frank JR. was a state department, and was advanced to a deputy secretary of state under Cyrus Vance who was appointed by that famous neo-con Jimmy Carter.

Those familiar with Meyssan know that none of these reaches and factual flaws come as no surprise. His task seems to be to keep throwing raw meat at an ugly mob for some unknown purpose. But the one purpose his actions don’t have is the stated one: investigative style journalism.

Ultimately he gets to his bugaboo in the last paragraph in order to efficiently recycle his earlier propaganda: Sarko is part of the collaborative “Bush/bin Laden” plans for our world. Trust me, whoever is elected in the US will get themselves a re-write including them in this theory.

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