Sunday, September 07, 2008

Prague Spring, Part Deux?

Let's hope the upcoming Czech turn at the EU Presidency (that Rota) is indeed as refreshing as they are planning:

Of course, per the DW article linked above, there will be critics:
The clip, airing on nationwide television since Thursday, says nothing about Prague's agenda for the 27-nation bloc.

Instead, critics argue, it's a rebellious yet toothless jab at Brussels that gives a telling glimpse into a small nation's insecurities.
No doubt the un-named critics are the very same types who are so secure in the current state of the EU that they would heartily welcome a referendum on Lisbon in every member state.

Of course watch for the officialdom of Bruxelles to pull the rug out from underneath the Czech's at every turn next year. Always note, in the zero-sum mindset of large bureaucracies it is not success (writ large) which is the over-riding goal. The goal of a bureaucrat is making sure that the other guy does not get success (writ small) no matter how deserving.

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