Saturday, May 03, 2008

If Something in Their Lives Actually Mattered to them, They’d Think About What They Say

Just like when budding poop-stain Hugo Chavez claims every six months that the CIA is trying to kill him, some Europeans know exactly when to work the built-up mass of self-delusion, and wave that magic wand:

Lucinda Creighton, a spokeswoman for Ireland's largest opposition party, Fine Gael, says in a Web posting that "U.S. foreign policy has traditionally been opposed to EU integration."

"The U.S. supports the EU as an economic bloc but nothing more. The idea of a politically strong EU, acting as a check or counterbalance on the U.S. does not sit well with our trans-Atlantic friends," says the spokeswoman, a member of Ireland's Parliament.
Such deep thoughts: this is by some magic of European electioneering rhetoric, the same America that has been trying to give them a way to “have their moment”, and yet now we’re supposed to be threatened by their “hyperpuissance”. You wish.

The US has had to deal with this lunacy for more than a decade – one moment they’re a cartel with 27 votes (or representative, or whatever) in some global talking shop operation that they stack with their people, the next minute they’re poor helpless little countries that need protection, leadership, and guidance, and the moment after that, they’re the über-wise and all-knowing largest economy in the world reaching into the Crisco jar to start up another solo palm-party with their delusions that they invented everything positive in the world when the difficulty the US has with them is just a proxy for the way Europeans treat the rest of the world.

Lucinda, try this idea on for a moment: your fate is yours’, as are your successes and failures. If the United States is the bone caught in your throat, it doesn’t make that fixation at fault for your fixation.

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