Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stroking Their Chickens

With their ignorance of history common to those who think themselves some sort of wise, lesson giving, übermenchen, al Jazeera sur Seine caricatures President George W, Bush, a civilian, as “George W. Patton”. I’m sure they think they’re very witty, but they’re also very stupid. Patton lost 4000 men a week after the Normandy landing up until the liberation of Paris so that Leclerc could appear to have heroically liberated Paris single handed. You see, all the United States really did was bring swing dancing and chewing gum.

When Americans see this kind of thing, even most Democrats, even if the point they're making is that immutability of the man that frustrates them, not only do they take the culture that spews it even less seriously, it needs no motivation at all to detest.

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