Monday, April 28, 2008

Euro Blues

Wanna know who got 'em? An abject idiot by the name of Diane Johnson

In our family, with a great feeling of sacrifice, we first stopped ordering mineral water in resaurants, saving as much as 4 euros an outing! This turns out to be everyones' first strategem, [sic] and it doesnt make a dent. Then we calculated that cutting out one one restaurant meal would save $200 a week, or $800 a month!
These are people too stupid to have tried to wangle their income from their employers in Euros since 2006, and apparently, we're supposed to care. This is also someone who imagines herself a responsible parent – bringing life into the world, and then spending $800 a month, more than the average SMIcard lives off of, just dining out.

And the imagined petty aristocrat reader of the Washington Post is supposed to care – in fact care so much, that we should deal with this family's inflexibility in employment to un-emply people in Ohio, a place leftist used to whine were forced to eat their young in Youngstown for lack of industrial jobs. Now that the dollar is of a value that they can actually punch bolts, all of that has to stop for the sake of this hosebag's perceived understanding of cuisine, and the her ignorance of the plonk she's drinking.

These people, this morally repugnant elite, more than anything are responsible for the United States' image in the world.

The irony is that her self-absorbed screed appears on the same page as a story entitled “What Can They Buy? A good bit of Us.” as if to be punctuated with the shock that people are coming to the US to buy iPods, earth-moving equipment, and steel, and that it must be stopped for fear of someone having one of those jobs that leftists couldn't demand by demanding, pretending to care about them, in spite of supply and demand.

Diane Johnson – for the sake of 2 of my cousins who raise their kids happily on what they earn at Wal*Mart, stay in France, and keep your theories from impoverishing them, me, and all the other productive people who might notice much earlier than you that they're pissing away $800 a month in bars and restaurants in a paved terroire.

From the same edition of the Washington Post: the received wisdom that the the sause of the rising cause of oil is... the rising cost of oil, but not the casue of the rising cost of food, for which fuel is the greatest single input, especially if you're trying to transport it to hungry people.

Little tiny violins, Johnson.

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