Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Cowboy Culture" - Soon They'll Claim that they're Better at it than Anyone Else

A 700m long train convoy was attacked in the northern district of Marseille by an organized gang who had seized the contents of several cars.

The theft took place Thursday at nightfall in St. Louis in the 15th arrondissement of the city, reported the newspaper La Provence on Saturday, which was confirmed by police.
They stacked wooden ties and metal barriers on the track to force the train to come to a stop.
After lecture after lecture about the superiority of a society where socialistic intervention is pervasive and there’s a law for every occasion and human activity, the facts show quite the opposite: a social failure in “good” parts of town expressed mostly by hoodlums and thug wannabees and a quagmire of crime. Of one University:
Crime figures are through the roof, and they’re taking place in front of the academic buildings of the Mirail where attacks on students for their phones and their laptops have continued to multiply. Between January and early April, around 40 complaints have been made as we wrote on April 9th. Today, nearly a month later, about 70 female students filed assault complaints. "Our presence there has often been decried" we are told the police reports recorded them saying. The degree of larceny has grown overwhelmingly, and the major public university and governments are facing a serious security problem.

Specifically, police have recorded 63 assaults between December 18th and April 15th. This outbreak has yet to let up. Despite the lull due of the academic holidays, a young man was beaten on Tuesday. His attackers had stolen his guitar and his mobile phone.
Beaten and Insulted
The majority of these crimes take place in broad daylight between noon and 7 p.m. between the entrance to the university and the subway, and they are especially violent: "I received a punch on the left ear. My laptop is dropped and my glasses were broken, reported a student of 25 who for one week, came to the university with friends for fear of threats. A teacher was also punched, thrown to the ground and insulted during the assault. Result: fifteen days of temporary closure for forensic investigation.
Of course in a “gun-free” paradise, passivated by government social action, one can hardly imagine anything of the sort, right?
"I saw a girl being attacked by two boys who had beaten her to snatch her laptop. Many witnesses were at the scene but nobody did a thing", said one student letters.
I guess this is what believers in the “managed” social contract do in the face of adversity.

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