Tuesday, March 04, 2008

These Two Things are the Same, Only Different

Why don't you go and give a billionaire another tax cut, then enslave your citizens in debt in order to pay for killing foreign children with weapons that are contributing to the heat death of the planet? I know that's how I'm spending my Sunday.
"The Israelis and Bush are really disgusting and evil.  When I'm big, I will pound them on the head." The words are those of a 4-year old girl in a kindergarten in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Several institutions describe similar cases, while other kindergartens haven't experienced such things. 

A kindergarten teacher tells of a little boy who last week said: "The Danes are really dumb.  They hate all the Arabs and will slay us.  But then I'll shoot them first."

The children say in several cases that they had heard that on TV.  Most Danish families of Arabic background can see over 400 Arab channels via satellite.
That is to say, the difference between the indoctrination of a comment poster on the Grauniad’s bileous “Comment is Free” site or a 4 year old trained to hate by their parents who only watch any number of the 400 Arabic language channels available in Europe by satellite.

- Thx to Georges and Hervé

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