Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Even the Int'l Press is Treating Hillary Like a Republican

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It's as sad and transparent as the whole sad, torrid, distracting psychodrama of identity politics. Once it's all over, no-one on the left will be able to remember what a political platform is anyway, what with so much avoiding of one thing or another the winning democrat will still be around and "carefully re-engineering their image" in 5 or 9 years.

If it makes them feel any better, if they keep it up, the guy who's already been tortured by the power obsessed collectivists and their sympathists in the domestic press once before will win. That should still fit nicely into the leftist heirachy of symbol-triggered guilt that people have trained themselves into. The saving grace will be less entitlement politics, less concealed contempt for the traditions of the majority, and less suicidal economic nativism

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