Sunday, March 02, 2008

In the struggle between democracy and dictatorship, no one can be neutral

To the question, "Is there anything you would have done differently, Mr. President, if you had known back then in 2003 what you know today?", George W Bush replied
One thing I wouldn't do differently is leave Saddam Hussein in power
as he met with Denmark's Prime Minister on the Crawford ranch.
It was the right decision then; it's the right decision today; and it will be viewed as the right decision when history is finally written.
As for Anders Fogh Rasmussen, he said:
freedom, democracy and human rights are the core values that unite us. Freedom and dignity of the individual are universal values. It is values that people living under oppression and brutal regimes strive for. We have an obligation to stand by these people in their struggle for liberty and democracy. This is our common challenge. And you, Mr. President, and the United States, have, above anyone else, advanced this vision of liberty and democracy around the world. Allow me to pay tribute to you for this. …

And it is no easy task. There are obstacles and opponents. But I do share your vision: Freedom is universal. And in the struggle between democracy and dictatorship, no one can be neutral. It is as simple as that.

That is why we are in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. That is why we removed a brutal dictator in Iraq. That is why your leadership in the Middle East is crucial. …

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