Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Dems had their war veteran---the American people were supposed to shut up and accept this as a sign of their strength on national security matters

After three decades, the Democrats had finally found a way to burnish their image on military matters
writes Christopher Cook from Hollywood:
Pick a veteran who agrees with them on the substance of a military issue, and then play up the fact of his service as cover for that position.

…after three decades … the post-Clinton Democrats finally came up with a solution: Continue to oppose military spending, military deployments, and the development of military equipment, but tell everyone how much you love and support the troops.

…The Hollywood left (which, having lived and worked in Hollywood, I can tell you is mostly left) is pumping out more and more brazen examples of the standard military-slurring films. In the last few years, however, they've also begun departing from their regular fare of "supporting" the troops by portraying them as dysfunctional, broken, war-addled victims to making films that directly portray them as war criminals.

…For many months now, I have been pointing these things out, and each time, I have said, don't believe their "we support the troops but not their mission" drivel---it's just a smokescreen, and it won't last. And sure enough, that is coming to pass.

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