Saturday, February 24, 2007

Taking to Fascism Like a Fish to Water

In Europe again:

PARIS, Feb. 19 — European governments are preparing legislation to require companies to keep detailed data about people’s Internet and phone use that goes beyond what the countries will be required to do under a European Union directive.

In Germany, a proposal from the Ministry of Justice would essentially prohibit using false information to create an e-mail account, making the standard Internet practice of creating accounts with pseudonyms illegal.

[ ... ]

A draft law in the Netherlands would likewise go further than the European Union requires, in this case by requiring phone companies to save records of a caller’s precise location during an entire mobile phone conversation.
Now let’s try so square that with the complaints of people banging their spoons on their high-chairs that the US Government tasked the NSA analyze patterns in who terror suspects are calling on the phone.

I think I hear crickets.

- with thanks to Joe “Tiberius” Strummer

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