Saturday, February 24, 2007

Only in the “Holy Land” of Europe using the same, stale excuses for 37 years to cover for your hatefulness considered fresh and new. Of course since America is controlled by greedy atheistic corporations, bible-belt tub-thumpers, and those evil Jooooz (since in the minds of Guardian readers, there are no other Americans), as opposed to the Illuminati, Masons, those evil Jooooz, we can actually call it a centuries old European obsession with finding a bugbear and pantomime villain.

From the same fever-swamp:

Are you crazy! It's not just the foreign policy. Americans hearts are black with evil. That's why we don't like them.
So at the same time we’re powerless as a population, but all thoroughly responsible for American Foreign Policy – all at the same time. That’s one fantastic trick.

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