Wednesday, February 21, 2007

High Density Mendacity in Marker and Ink

One minute, she’s a sweet, little middle aged milf “girl” in her 50s, the French Social Model is bad, and the Danish one (involving heaps of free-market economics by French Stalinistic standards), and the next minute, she’s a “raging” representation of Marianne, the embodiment and keeper of the state, culture, and the advertized good they say they do for humanity.

With all the contorting, and abandonment of their sacred cows, I’d say they’re desperate to get any candidate that might have ever used the word “Comrade” to neutralize whatever objective reality survived the press’ cognitive sterilization. It’s telling – they’re willing to pull out the magic wand of gender, a candidate's (nonexistent) political innocence, and the childish smears of a “happy-face/miserable face” comparison. And to think she started at the top when someone made a few phone calls on Royal's behalf to Mitterand.

The “independent” newspaper of record - balanced, nuanced, thoughtful, always seem to resort to their old Kärcher. You big, mean man! How could you say anything critical of a politico if she’s female and a lefty?!? I'll cry "rape!"

Funny word that, “Kärcher”... The name of a company that makes cleaning equipment, the French use it to describe anyone overbearing, intolerant, or aggressive. Itself a verbal blunderbuss with a menacingly teutonic-sounding name, it relies on their natural bigotry to impress you with the fact that’s just a freaking pressure-washer marketed by freaky power ranger models which appear to be adults, and employing some typically European quasi-S&M chic, vinyl body-suits, and names for products like “powerslave” that brings Gustav, Jean, und Ute to their happy place.

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