Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Murderous Hateful Creep Employed Peddling Soft Drink

They’re sticking to the script at all costs.

Adoring a man who enjoyed violating civilians and wrecked the Cuban economy, some twit try to fawn over a murderer who wanted to “make beeg revolution” using a veil of charitable donation as a marketing gimmick:
In homage of an emblematic figure, legendary Ernesto Ché Guevara was known for sound effort and for his fight counter the inequalities for a world righter. Far from any political ideology or partisanship, the company “El Ché-Cola” is the first commercial operation to take choose to divert 50% of its net profit to NGOs that fight world hunger, and humanitarian organizations coming to the assistance of orphans and the needy in France and throughout the world. Sharing the wealth to fight together against hunger in the world is our goal.

- The Founder, J.M. Ferreira

Yeah, right. Whatever you say, spanky. Link omitted.

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