Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sticking it to a Morally Repugnant Elite

Thin skinned, outraged, millionaire ‘revolutionaries’ like the unctuous poster-child for the decay of the public mind Tracy Emin are out raising all the ‘awareness’ that they can sell you or parlay into public exposure. But criticize the echo chamber that serves them and the parasites living off of them and they would call you stuck”.

The torrent pointed at the handful of people who merely asked the question as to why the Turner Prize has grown into a sick joke has mutated into an annual event involving those feeding off the institutions going on the defensive against society at large. It goes so far as to find them opposing a zeitgeist that holds similar, if not nearly identical world view to that generally found uniformly among the ‘revolutionaries’ of the art racket with a few important ethically founded distinctions: one that holds that the publicized personalization of the artist is not art.

Every year, the elite wanting to be “controversial” without the attendant criticism exhibits something more akin to pack animal behaviour: the wagons are circled, and the public are frowned upon in a Pomish way not seen since the lost days of the Raj.

Stuckism” calls itself [a]

Radical international art movement for new figurative painting with ideas. Anti the pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group. Daubers (daubing is the new painting).
It is. And fascism is the new black. Noted one dejected juror:
There was a pre-party party for the judges and shortlisted artists but I was so busy keeping my lips sealed that it wasn't much fun. Then we went through to join the main thrash in the Duveen gallery where Yoko Ono (dressed bizarrely as a French mime artist) announced the result. In previous years it has been a sitdown dinner but this was a milling-about party with mouse-sized food. (No wonder Nick Serota and all the Tate curators are so thin - they subsist on fairy dust.) And of course there was no smoking, so I was soon out on the front steps in the rain with the artists, and delighted to find Sarah Lucas among them. I thought she disapproved of the Turner Prize because she has always refused to accept nomination, but she says no, she doesn't disapprove per se, she just thinks it's not her thing. Anyway, she is doing the Tate's Christmas tree this year - she showed me photos of her decorations which I think were all genitalia but I didn't have my glasses on.

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