Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When guns are okay to lefty.

Even on those rare occasions when there is no bling or carpet-clad sound mixers around... When they seem empowering of fit into some one or another of their fetishes, but actually aren't, and cover for their otherwise apologetic handling of Iran, even the treatment of women. Just as Biased BBC points out, they’re more than willing to try to convince their audience (which is increasingly growing to the conclusion that Iran is as bad as their threats), that they’re just plain honey-dorey and fabu. Funny how they seem to find liberating and take comfort in the practices of regimes that tend to repress.

The pattern is simple: once the public, even a hopeful and forgiving public gets to the point where it understands that a situation is evil, our lucid ‘social betters’ try to prove otherwise. It’s really just that simple.

It also puts their hyperventilating (wisely omitted from their ‘Listen Again’ web page) about the Swiss public having guns (complete with ‘the little boys need it to prove their manhood’ references) in perspective - nor any discussion of the absence of crime – or rates of domestic violence compared to Iran.

Johnny Nuance flies again.

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