Friday, September 29, 2006

The new thought police

Europe’s new thought police think that they’re just being respectful of religion. Well, one particular religion, but are undermining the foundation of a free society. A transnational view of the world is pushing them to arrest writers, abide the banning of newspaper sales in Arabic speaking states, and disposing of what few liberties they have

Robert Redeker, Egon Flaig, and threatened for his life in Bangladesh, Solhedein Shoaib Choudhury

For more on this disappointing and inhumane failure to support a pluralistic and democratic social framework, read articles by Michelle Malkin, Fausta Wertz, Extremecenter, and the Augean Stables. Were it not for work and a project we find ourselves in the middle of, we would be joining them, but it would be hard for us to do nearly as cogent a view as these citizen journalists already are.

They’re giving this serious subject the attention it deserves. The outrage is the lack of outrage we aren’t seeing right now. There is a cancer of laziness in the heart of Europe, and like the recent rioting in the center of Brussells, it’s going untended to and un-noticed. At best these things are something they imagine that can be merely managed by their governments, but all that is, is an excuse permitting one the passivity and self-administered temporary palliatives that fascism feeds on.

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