Saturday, September 30, 2006

The threats themselves make his point

Robert Redeker is a philosophy instructor who has received threats to his life for being critical of Islam and of the violent predilections of Jihadists.
From Le Nouvel Observateur’s collection of quotations, we find among the statements supporting the right people have to their opinions, forehead-slapping stupidity wooly-headed weenies licking the boot that kicks them - more to the point, to the comfort they’ll have when free speech is excised from their midst. Not by law, but through intimidation.

The League of the human rights (class and race hustling politicos) said in a press release:

“One could not admit that whoever, was this because of nauseous ideas, that is to say the object of intimidation of some nature which they are.” “Mr. Redeker accustomed us to such outbursts which communicate very little of his intellectual rigor compared to his hatred of Islam and Muslims”, the LDH said, but “even though one thinks of the Redeker’s writings, nothing justifies that he has to undergo such treatment (...) One does not fight the ideas of Mr. Redeker by making him into a victim”.
To be sure the worst examples were long vetted out in the interest of ‘social management’ making sure most of their quotes had a ‘yes, but’ to blunt any tangible argument for or against Redeker’s statements.

A colleague of Redeker who wanted to remain anonymous:
“He tackled on several occasions the question of Islam in France and liked to draw attention to himself”, noting that his remarks often aggravated his colleagues who didn’t appreciate the name of the college being mentioned in the article.
In other words: Shut the hell up, you’re wrecking my meal ticket. Stop speaking your mind. It’s not like I have your back. anyway.

Gilles de Robien, Minister of Education:
Said that he was “understanding” of the professor, while stressing that “a civil servant must be careful and exercise moderation at all times”
In other words: Shut the hell up. Your critics have rights, and you don’t.

Chloé, one of Redeker’s students:
“It’s normal that there are people who revolt, he said things which were forbidden by the Koran (...). One should fear reprisals”.
In other words: Shut up, you’re busting my bubble of delusions.
Dalil Boubaker, president of CFCM, vice-chancellor of the Grand Mosque of Paris:
“One has to be careful in the tense climate which currently faces the Muslim community, both on the national and the international level.” “After the [Mohammed] caricatures, certain statements about Islam being violent, or about the lack of reason in Islam, one sees more and more a link being made between Islam and Islamism. One often confuses one for the other, and that’s unacceptable.” At the same time, Dalil Boubaker deplores Redeker’s situation: “It’s sad to see him anxious and threatened, it is unacceptable. We live in a nation of rights, and no one can take the law into their own hands”. But he also supposed that there’s more “bluster and boastings than serious threats [to him]”.
Yeah, sure, nothing will happen to you! In other words, shut up, but I get to seem reasonable if I make this ‘mom and apple pie’ statement about your rights.

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