Monday, June 05, 2006

Want to know what makes leftist squeal with joy?

Talking about the death of their political opponents, straw-men (or straw-women), or otherwise. They can’t fathom doing anything meaningful about murderous tyrant like Saddaam Hussein or Basher Assad, but will practically spunk in their shorts over the notion of one certain Baroness’ possible death which some find affirmation, if not a vulgar joy in:

Do they know something they're not telling us?
I've got the champagne on ice.

- Posted by evahopeful on June 5, 2006 03:27 PM.

never will so much champagne be swilled by the working classes (of a certain age of course)

- Posted by Stujam on June 5, 2006 03:31 PM.

”Working classes” indeed. Do they really think that there were that many people who don't work who could have voted Thatcher in? How can they pretend to maintain that lie when their candidates lost?

I think more likely we’re talking about people of “a certain age” who were also the least likely to have ever swung a hammer or broke a sweat in the commission of earning the pay in their envelope. The satisfaction they find in a mediocre, growthless nation fit only to serve their egos is not surprising. After all we’re talking about people who still believe in ‘class’, or at least the type one can use as a political weapon of you can keep people poor enough to keep voting for the left that ran the UK into the ground in the decades previous to Thatcher. Basing decisions on little more than base personal satisfation hasn't worked since long before Nero tried it.

To begin with these clowns think that a state funeral would be “optional”, simply because they are the wisest, most lucid, undisputable perfect keepers of the universe, and they can deny a basic act of state to a political opponent. Is it any wonder that their notion of a strong and active nation is to have a dictator to love?

Get there before they ghost edit it. The first 6 pages are linked below:

She's no longer Prime Minister, and no longer shows an interest in policy, and they want her dead. How very inclusive and diverse of them.

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