Thursday, June 08, 2006

He who is without sin will cast the first gin bottle

Dick “Dick” Marty’s obvious emotional stability leaves civilization few options. His evident brilliance in repeating a bundle of uncorroborated slams on the US government and the various European states who want their thugs back leave the White House embarrassed and with a rather chapped tukhus. As such they may:

1. In the spirit of all good conservation measures, if any terror conspirators were transported from or through Council of Europe paradises, they should be released into the wild where they were found.
2. The US should stop cooperating with Council of Europe states in this matter of taking these schmucks off of their hands, and perhaps even avail them with small arms manufactured in Dick’s beloved Switzerland under Social Security mental disability program. Surely that would prove therapeutic to the little darlings.
3.Police in those states should deliver any further conspirators and collaborators to terror directly to Marty’s home where their freedom can be assured. I doubt that they’ll raid his bar.
4. Return them to their nations of origin where their safety will be assured.
So many choices. That notwithstanding, the it’s hard to question the solidity of a report that buries this little gem deep in the middle:
There is no formal evidence at this stage of the existence of secret CIA detention centres in Poland, Romania or other Council of Europe member states, even though serious indications continue to exist and grow stronger. Nevertheless, it is clear that an unspecified number of persons, deemed to be members or accomplices of terrorist movements, were arbitrarily and unlawfully arrested and/or detained and transported under the supervision of services acting in the name, or on behalf, of the American authorities. These incidents took place in airports and in European airspace, and were made possible either by seriously negligent monitoring or by the more or less active participation of one or more government departments of Council of Europe member states.

The fuse is lit!

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