Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pervasive Simpleton Syndrome

To some it’s the unconscionable presence of Joooooz!, to others it might be that they’re serving up bacon (and a little truth too) – either way indignation and appeasment cannot secure an airspace.

The Air Force took part in exercises with Israel last year in Canada, it has emerged. Last month the government withdrew Swedish participation in international exercises because of the presence of the Israelis.
[ … ]
Despite the controversy, Persson described relations with Israel as good.

"They are good, and I have over the years seen to it that we have developed very close relations with the state of Israel, its government and with Jewish groups around the world as well as here in Sweden."

"I think that one needs good relations with both sides in the Middle East conflict."

Persson tried to play down the significance of the decision to grant a visa to Palestinian minister Atef Adwan.
As if they could have any actual impact on the Middle East conflict. My goodness, how could anyone say that without feeling stupid?
Good relations – selling them up the river – channeling thoughts about Israel by tossing Swedish Jews in the mix – not exactly the height of sophistication, is it?

In other news from the magic kingdom, social services resorts to Gitmo-like forced-feeding [.ram] the depressed, apathetic children of asylum seekers. The situation is created by the parents not being parents and transferring as much of their own hopelessness on the children as they feel satisfactory. The children exhibit behavior that includes not wanting to eat, drink, or move.
It’s called the Pervasive Refusal Syndrome. Now, a study published this week has shown that the number of children suffering from this syndrome has dropped. Their situation seems to be improving as their families are being granted asylum.
Not documented on their website, but in broadcast on state media, critics said that this is likely done to play on the fact that the fear children have of the consequences of not being allowed to stay in Sweden is used as a factor in granting asylum. The fact that their parents are establishing that fear doesn’t bode well for these fine future citizens, but I guess they aren’t picky about their culture’s future.

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