Friday, October 14, 2005

Leftists are in good company

„Public health, the protection of children and mothers, fighting against beggers, the welfare of wanderers, and community development”

John Ray points out something that leftism has tried to hide, and in fact pin the same on their political opponents: the leftist/ collectivist origins of fascism. Using social welfare or just about anything as the lure just as Communism and Democratic Socialism have (both European concepts), the notions were geared to construct dependency and silence independent ideas.

It’s repetitious reappearance are too great for even the modern, very angry left to hide, as ¡No Pasaràn! has pointed out in this series of posts on Guardian hate-monger Steve Bell who has lost all bearing or reason when it comes to facing the thoughts behind his feelings.

Why won’t the fist-pumpers who pose pretend to advance social peace stop pretending and face their own authoritarian predelictions?

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