Thursday, October 13, 2005

Justice is an image in the land where right and wrong are just ‘old hangups’

An EUvian court sees no problem in going after a retired dictator who gave up power, but holds out on the U.S. where the extradition of an Al-Queda bagman who committed racketeering is concerned.

«The ruling by the Hague District Court said the suspect’s “fundamental right” of unlimited access to a defence lawyer and immediate access to a judge may be compromised in the US. It cited a 2001 anti-terrorism order adopted after the terrorist attacks two months earlier.»
Which means that they wouldn’t be able to extradite him to the UK, France, or to remain in the Netherlands itself. These nations have anti-terror laws that make the Patriot Act look like a recycling bylaw in Berkeley.

Never mind the fact that EUro worshipping twits think that the US is at war with a religion, and not just people abetting mass murder, but have themselves taken out their great theories of egalitarianism out on the outward expression of religion – never mind if it’s a good or bad person under that parrot cage cover.

How very, very, sophisticated. I’m sure they will eventually blame their illiberal laws on the US’ ‘tacit image’ (completely constructed in the press) soon when the facts don’t bear out.

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