Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I said Free the Pig, man!

“Members of staff” at BBC were offended by the cute little dude for “religious reasons” that they were trained to defend randomly…

Yes, that’s right – they are pissed about PIGLET.

Apparently being mild mannered and inquisitive doesn’t fit the activist lifestyle. You see, everyone else in the world has to conform. The existence of other things… disturbing things… is bad for their self-image of BEING the world. Are they that prejudiced that they won’t make space for a stutterer?

It’s the usual brilliance that shows itself in adults channeling their own nonsense on children – just like trying to make girls play with toy cars, and boys to play with dolls. It’s for the satisfaction of a handful of grown-ups. The closest thing that most of them have to children is the chip on their shoulders.

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