Friday, October 14, 2005

Dorks in Beeb-town

The BBC rubbishes the flat tax, but ignores the fact that its license fee has fewer curves than Kate Moss and her lines of coke.

In the mean time, as they report with more credulity than information on the earthquake in Pakistan and India, they trot out the same old desperate nonsense on hurricane Katrina just one more time for good measure with online documentaries that attract less attention on the web than on the air. This permits a higher than normal rate of Radio 4-ness to pollute the minds of anyone listening, baiting hatreds, and reviving fabricated class-warfare.

Remember how the superstitious were calling hurricane Katrina Allahs punishment against the US? What are they calling this earthquake? A humbling gesture and object lesson of those who didnt drink the Kyoto Kool-aid?

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