Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tool or Wind-up Toy?

Canada Free Press:
"Anti-American MP slams Defence Chief".

MP Carolyn Parrish is at it again:

Basically because he is, as she referred to him, a "testosterone-filled general". "I’m totally offended by him… We are also not a country that is going to easily throw away 100 years of peacekeeping reputation and noble reputation in the world by a testosterone-filled general, and I think somebody should put a clamp on his mouth."

Oh those NASTY NASTY GUNS! Why can't they just uninvent them so all the peaceful völk of the world... you know them, the ones that aren't white looking, can just live in peace, fly kites, play Cuban Jazz, and listen to the woodland creatures who pass on their superior wisdom to them... Her ilk have already dessicated the Canadian Armed Forces as it is for little more than their own emotional satisfaction.

What's left for them? Peacekeeping, which most of the time is an elaborate word for "mopping up" - it's also one of the only dignified tasks that can accomplished reasonably by an underfunded force which is demoralized by the likes of the self-absorbed former schoolmarm MP Carolyn Parrish. At least it gives her a way to act out her borderline behavior, so she won't abuse the neighborhood kids. Otherwise she could just stamp her feet and think she's insulting him by calling him "a man!"

«Parrish, a Liberal backbencher of no particular note for 11 years, hit the spotlight when her comment, "Damn Americans--I hate those bastards" was picked up by a boom microphone. Milking it for all it was worth, she appeared on the now defunct television show of alleged comedian Mike Bullard and played to the largely anti-American crowd. Parrish told the audience that her only regret was that her elderly mother was upset that she used the word, "bastards".

Parrish again appeared on television last year when she went on CBC’s "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" and stomped on a George Bush doll. Fearful Leader told her to apologize whereupon Parrish opined that she wouldn’t shed a tear if Paul Martin lost the next election and said that Martin’s advisors could go to hell. She was then dumped from the caucus and forced to sit as an independent.»
And just what was it that bugs her so much about Hillier?
«...the straight talking Hillier had said the obvious--the job of Canadian soldiers is to be able to kill people. Hillier also referred to terrorists (apologies to the CBC) as "murderers and scumbags".»
So she already played the "it's my football and I'm going home" game with her own party. All becuase of those icky boys playing war in a world where she seems to want Afghans to live in terror of gangsta-thug former Talibs. Quite frankly, I'd be all for her volunteering to wear a Burkha for the rest of her days in "solidarity" like the rest of the attention seeking fake empathy crowd.

As for the Liberal Party, she also seems to want back in now. In a political system where the parties so heavily control and manage their legislators, do you think this former apparachik could tax their patience again?

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