Saturday, June 04, 2005

Let the group-therapy fit the crime

Leftist critics of anything that moves expect any sort of western representation of authority to have some kind of 'mind-penetrating radar' - at least when it comes to personal offence (namely theirs'). Judging by the choices they make, the causes they support, and the group they align themselves worldwide, they display the empathetic capacity of a sufferer from autism.

Charles Krauthammer on their Gitmo Koran indignation, which began as a generalized hatred of others' faith anyway, before they had a chance to hate Gitmo:

«Does the Koran deserve special respect? Of course it does. As do the Bibles destroyed by the religious police in Saudi Arabia and the Torahs blown up in various synagogues from Tunisia to Turkey.

The most inflammatory allegations have been not about people but about mishandling the Koran. What do we know here? The Pentagon reports (Brig. Gen. Jay Hood, May 26) -- all these breathless "scoops" come from the U.S. government's own investigations of itself -- that of 13 allegations of Koran abuse, five were substantiated, of which two were most likely accidental.

Moreover, what were the Korans doing there in the first place? The very possibility of mishandling Korans arose because we gave them to each prisoner. What kind of crazy tolerance is this? Is there any other country that would give a prisoner precisely the religious text that that prisoner and those affiliated with him invoke to justify the slaughter of innocents? If the prisoners had to have reading material, I would have given them the book "Portraits 9/11/01" -- vignettes of the lives of those massacred on Sept. 11.»

They also want it shut down in their usual fixation with THINGS and not people. Remember criminal (and their immoral choices) don't murder people, guns do. Do they think that if there IS NO Gitmo, that terror susects won't be picked up at all?

By that logic, if there were no jails would there be no crime, right?

All the while:

«Recently, there has been a crackdown on symbols of Christianity in Saudi Arabia. On April 21st Saudi authorities raided a make-shift church in Riyadh and arrested 40 Christians. Many Christian religious symbols, such as crucifixes and bibles were later destroyed by Saudi security forces.

Another way in which religious and cultural issues are becoming more divisive is the Saudi treatment of Americans who are living in their country. As of today there around 30,000 Americans living and working in various parts of Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to visibly celebrate their religious and even secular holidays if they are not of the Wahhabi faith. This includes holidays such as Christmas and Easter but also such secular holidays as Thanksgiving. »

Christians are by no means alone:

«Riyadh (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Saudi religious police last Tuesday destroyed a clandestine makeshift Hindu temple in an old district of Riyadh and deported three worshippers found there, Arabic daily al-Hayat reported. Agents from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, better known as the Muttawah, stumbled across a room converted into a temple while raiding a number of flats suspected of being used to manufacture alcohol and distribute pornographic videos.
A caretaker who was found in the worshipping area ignored the religious police orders to stop performing his religious rituals and was deported along with two other men who arrived on the scene to worship. Their nationality was unknown

Saudi Arabia is host to 8.8 million foreigners, mostly workers, out of a population of 23 million. The largest communities are from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan (1 to 1.5 million).»

So the present explosion of anger and accusations of intolerance are coming from 2 sources: Islamists and their leftist flunkies in the west, who are the very people who would go to any length to remove any form of religious expression by private citizens in public places anyway.

«A very old man dies, at the age of 83. Most of the TV, radio, and newspapers of the entire world go into mourning overdrive, most of it simulated and synthetic.

It is a great event. A great media event. There has been nothing like it since Princess Diana died in 1997. The hysteria built up by a media feeding on itself is very like what happened in the days after Diana died. »

Witness the disdain. A brief look at their website indicates deep sympathy for a religion, one faith, not their own, and not of their parents or most of their fellow citizens or even their fellow Marxists. It seems that to them John Paul II is only useful for his anti-war stance, otherwise he's just an old man who by virtue of his own beliefs is somehow responsible for killing people without a condom in his pocket. Just more of the same from the font of hatred. One without memory of what fascism and intolerance really are.

The fuel for the left's indignation is a result of the U.S.' honesty. Every one of the 'great scandals' and 'great crimes' come from the U.S. government NOT covering up bad news. Do they even give it a footnote when they hypocritically charge people with intolerance or fascism?

Don't look to the United States Navy if you're looking for the abuse of religion or redefining terror.

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