Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yet another battle of the death cults

More anarchy in the UK. Via MOONBAT CENTRAL Pro-Terror Gays Targeted by Pro-Terror British Demonstrators.

The left is unsure who to hate more or hate worse, they just know that the demon (whoever it is this week) must die a horrible death for the sake of the great circle of loving, caring, and sharing.

«A homosexual activist group calling itself "Outrage!" has become the target of violence and venom by the anti-Israel pogromchiks of the UK. The Reason? While favoring "Palestinian" statehood and Israeli withdrawal from the "occupied territories," Outrage! has been severely critical of the treatment of homosexuals by the PLO and the "Palestinian Authority", and has documented torture of homosexuals by Saudi Arabia. Outrage! activists have been beaten and abused at pro-terror pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the UK, whose mantra is "Death to Gays and Jews."»
Lovely bunch, no?

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