Friday, May 20, 2005

Please… please guide us…. (wimper, wimper…)

To begin with, the name “Audioslave” (hostile remnant of “Rage Against the Machine”) makes sense for a big time lefty band going to play for
Il Duce in Havana. The never changing “revolution” will be amused… Add to that the REAL rebels who are hoping to meet to discuss democracy in Cuba without being locked up and “re-educated”. The “revolution” is so amused that they threw out two of the only non-sheep MEPs, and turned back another two. Looks like this winter’s EU rapprochement with El Hefe’s favor really panned out. At the time, the EU appeared to do it to thumb it’s nose at the US anyway, so I don’t think the emotional investment is any greater than the one they have for Democracy itself.

Need a clue? Check out baldie’s lid.

Which brings us to the brilliance of the UK band “Coldplay” – who think that “shareholders” are the great evil of the universe. Okay. Planning on working for free, then?

Said that forgettable ass-clown, whose name is actually Chris Martin: "I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."
No they aren’t. Your crack pipe and your romper room Marxist fantasies are, sparky.

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