Sunday, May 15, 2005

Collateral Irony

Unemployment in the Arab world has long been considered unsurpassed in the worst way. A side-note to the UN report identifying the number of war dead in Iraq, is a lamentation of unemployment

-but its one which equals that of France and makes Iraq look a staggering success for social stability compared to the rest of the Arab world. France and Iraq have roughly the same rate of unemployment, floating just above 10 percent with an adjusted figure of 18 percent when you add in those who have given up looking. Ironic, indeed.

Unadjusted Figures of more than 20 -30 percent have long been reported in the PA, Jordan, Yemen, with many arab states presenting NO reliable data at all either for lack of looking, or the unreliability of any parenthetically constructed estimates, even if they are cocked up to prevent repaving the arab street with arab blood.

The U.N. brings good news, and its not about themselves or a false metric of their own programs. Who knew? They probably didnt.

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