Monday, May 16, 2005

Caution: Busybodies at work on your mind

Limousine lefties and government in need of your love obsess over both global poverty and "the environment". They should - their environmental goals harm the poor and those with the least, not just in the third world but in the developed world as well.
The goal appears to be the construction of social dependency and a desperation to make central government matter more than it needs to. It is the totalitarian bent, but one where benevolence is imagined, and a few scientific sounding buzzwords are thought to be understood. CO2, Isoionisphere, etc., etc.

Its like the outcry over death in the under-developed world, its displayed selectively, for example as long as they dont die from DDT not that anyone who hasnt fallen into a vat of it actually has.

Like Shaw's description of the minds griffins, the leftist mind seeks irony in issues to construct needless debate over things which by themselves have impirical and ethical matters which they tend to have an allergy to. Why not force a confluence of more literal conflict over, say, social welfare and the environment?

Because these are their election issues. Or why not poor nationalized healthcare and the low birthrate? Because any grave social matter which they aren't beating their political opponents over the head with don't really exist to them. These intellectual train-wrecks only have one purpose: to convince oneself of some engagement with civilization and to give oneself a purpose to others. A needy delusion.

That political power for themselves and of central governments matter to them more than WHAT central governments DO is their hob-goblin; the one of small minds where impressions of the past are a comfortable place in a world which is more complicated than they would hope. Good and bad exist to the leftist mind too more so, I think than those who dont drink from their cup. The problem is what they identify as good and bad. Bad things are those too complex for them to grasp, like genuinely respecting faith, or the dynamic economics of climbing out of poverty. Good to them are simple intentions. The feeling stops at the bumper stickers on their Volvos and Land Rovers. Then the confusion kicks in.

Imagine what it is to believe that those Free Tibet stickers have been effective over the past 20 years, without questioning the fact that it would only replace a Communist theocracy with a Buddhist one. All that matter is the feeling.

True too with protecting the environment at the cost of human life, only to convince oneself that population needs to be thinned out to match the world view.

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