Friday, April 15, 2005

Stuck at the intellectual level of 2-year-olds in high chairs throwing food

It has been ignored in the MSM, and there have not been
any calls for leftist professors and students to take free speech "sensitivity" training as they would if the same incident happened to a liberal speaker
complains Patrick X. Coyle, as he discusses
a typical tactic of campus leftists. They always create an excuse in an attempt to cancel an event or silence ideas they dislike. They purport our events' promotional materials to be "offensive" or that the event is held on the wrong date. These complaints only underscore the left's insecurities. On most college campuses, liberal speakers and events dominate campus life and they want to keep their monopoly even if they trample on students' free speech rights.
This is not dissimilar to the openness of debate in Europe, be it inside universities or without.

Because the tactic didn't work as desired, in this case, they resorted to another.

Meanwhile, another food-attack victim (because, yes, that is what we're talking about), Ann Coulter, waxes ironically about

Liberals [who] enjoy claiming that they are intellectuals, thrilled to engage in a battle of wits. This, they believe, distinguishes them from conservatives, who are religious fanatics who react with impotent rage to opposing ideas.

As one liberal, Jonathan Chait, put the cliché in The New Republic: Bush is an "instinctive anti-intellectual" and his administration hostile to "fact-driven debate." In a favorable contrast, Clinton is "the former Rhodes scholar who relished academic debates. "Showing his usual reverence for fact-checking, The New York Times' Paul Krugman says the Republican Party is "dominated by people who believe truth should be determined by revelation, not research."

I'm not sure how these descriptions square with the fact that liberals keep responding to conservative ideas by throwing food.

… On March 29, liberals' intellectual retort to a speech by William Kristol at Earlham College was to throw a pie. On March 31, liberals enjoyed the hurly-burly of political debate with Pat Buchanan at Western Michigan University by throwing salad dressing. On April 6, liberals engaged David Horowitz on his ideas at Butler University by throwing a pie at him.

…If there had been that many attacks on Muslims in the weeks following the 9/11 attack, we'd still be watching Showtime specials about it.

Ann ends with a sentence that could be applied to many an intellectual, a leader, a member of the élite, and a citizen of Europe (not to speak of many of the people leaving messages in the comments section of this website):
But these Rhodes scholar geniuses with a taste for "fact-driven debate" can't even achieve the level of argument practiced by the average juvenile delinquent. They're stuck at the intellectual level of 2-year-olds in high chairs throwing food.

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