Monday, April 11, 2005

"Porking Lots" and Other High Crimes

How is it that Mr. "porking lot" gets an ASBO, and moonbats who use their children as tools at vulgar and noisy protests?

Originally intended to keep loutish drunken thugs under control, the ASBO is a repressive, over-reaching measure worthy of the world Orwell described in "1984" even by the selective standards of the loony left. It's a punishment measure for having your feelings hurt and not being a luvvie. Gravett’s lament about luvvies says it all. Even a commenter in the kneejerk leftist rag, The Observer was ashamed:

«In his England, you were free to be as odd as you wanted as long as you didn't break the law, and were innocent until proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt if the authorities alleged you had broken the law.
That world's gone, as the history of antisocial behaviour orders shows.»
If you don’t believe me, have a look at the vague circular chatter found in the Home Office guidelines on dispensing an Antizocial Behaviour Ordnung for what’s loosely referred to these days as ‘human rights’.

Just in case you cant remember, free speech used to be a human right as well.

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