Monday, March 14, 2005

Starbucks as Zionist Shill?

Part of the nuttiness of the Jihad support network of the west (the far left) is a kind of manipulation of charitable organizations which plays into their predisposed hatred of any company which actually functions. (Property is theft!)

Imagine an organization which would
slam Starbucks with the 'evil zionist' tag for donating to an organization which also happens to support soup kitchens in israel. It doesn't matter how much 'fair-trade' coffee they buy, or how many causes they support - for some reason (real reasons) the left hates Starbucks. Go figure. They'll be sure to miss this fine bit of trans-atlantic cooperation: “lazy Sunday” noisette monstreuse avec glazed donut. Truly the breakfast of champions for the pond-hopping set.


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