Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Ran, You Ran, We All Ran From Iran

Iranian revolutionary guards (irregulars/non-army religious police types) are reportedly bringing the hizballah arms including tanks, and are reinforcing some positions in Lebanon (probably in the Bekaa) abandoned by syrian troops and intelligence units
writes Jo N, who wonders what is French Fregoli's take on this…
I'm beginning to think that iran will be the poland of 2006. Will there be a popular uprising like the Solidarity movement? It's looking quite possible that they'll have a long burning revolution inspired by Beirut and a buildup that's been going on for about a year in the population.

It turns out that people across iran have been protesting like mad in small groups in localities for the past 36 hours. They have this Zoroastrian thing that they do at the New Year celebrations which officially start on 21 March, and it slightly pagan. It's always been criticized by the clergy. This year people are taking the impetus to protest. Women are burning headscarves, people are throwing pictures of clerics into these little symbolic fires they build. The idea is that they jump over the burning bush to start out the year purified.

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