Saturday, March 19, 2005

EU bill of "gimme's" is an American Plot.... Oooooh! Be scared!

John Rosenthal points us to some of the many problems there are with the EU constitution bill of goods. The most amazing of which is that some people are actually asserting that it’s an American Plot. Hey! Stop laughing back there – they’re SERIOUS!

«The first is the treaty's alleged "neo-liberal" inspiration, i.e. inasmuch as "neo-liberalism" in this style of discourse is essentially reduced to the connotation of free trade and free trade is supposed to be either the cardinal sin of "the American way of life" or the secret weapon for establishing American hegemony or (confusedly) both. The claim that the treaty is "neo-liberal" in inspiration rests on a myth. The European Union has never constituted a free trade area and there is nothing in the "constitutional treaty" that will make it be one in the future. »

Good Grief.

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