Friday, March 04, 2005

I’m sure they’re thinking “Barney”

From the the 3-March edition of the Opinion Journal’s “Best of the Web” by James Taranto.

"There's a crowing triumphalist narrative out of Washington that is to be resisted because it's wrong and counterproductive," complains Timothy Garton Ash in a Los Angeles Times op-ed:

Here, for example, is what the undersecretary of State for lobal affairs, Paula Dobriansky, said on Monday: "As the resident noted in Bratislava just last week, there was a ose Revolution in Georgia, an Orange Revolution in Ukraine and, most recently, a Purple Revolution in Iraq. In Lebanon, we see growing momentum for a 'Cedar Revolution' that is unifying the citizens of that nation to the cause of true democracy and freedom from foreign influence."

Spot the odd one out. "Purple Revolution" in Iraq? Purple, as in the color of blood? There's a vital difference between a democratic revolution that is peaceful, authentic and generated by people inside a country and one that is imposed, or kick-started, by a military invasion and occupation.

I think they meant THIS, Spanky.

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