Thursday, March 03, 2005

Beebworld: Hamas house organ

The Biased-BBC blog comments on this item uncovered by Melanie Phillips. BBC gives the family of a suicide bomber the agony Aunt treatment, but ignores the victims' families:

Now scroll on to the BBC's TV coverage on sunday of the Tel Aviv bombing, in which five people died and 49 were injured. Using a clip entitled 'A family in mourning', the family it showed was not one of the Israeli dead but of the human bomb terrorist instead.

Biased-BBC's response to the BBC apologist's sue of the word "correction":

No, Mr Mosey, it was not 'inappropriate'. It was grotesque, outrageous and despicable. And a 'correction' just won't do. It does not begin to address the moral deformity of BBC journalists who, when Israelis are murdered, automatically direct their compassion instead at the family of the bomber. For BBC journalists, Jewish victims, Jewish dead and Jewish grief just don't seem to exist.

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