Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hey there, sports-fans

Are you a super-jew? From the Telegraph:

Instead, Ajax Amsterdam is struggling to stamp out the bizarre tradition by which its most devoted fans call themselves "Jews", even tattooing themselves with Stars of David and waving Israeli flags, although they are not Jewish and know little of Judaism.

Hardcore Ajax supporters have been calling themselves "Jews" or even "super Jews" for about 20 years in defiance of fans from rival clubs, who yell anti-Semitic jibes at them in reference to Amsterdam's long Jewish history. For years, the club's management turned a blind eye to escalating displays of "Jewish" pride among its supporters.

Still Ajax did nothing when the jibes from rival fans turned increasingly disturbing, with chants of "there goes the Ajax train to Auschwitz" and "Hamas, Hamas, the Jews to the gas".

As usual, the Rottweiler has much too much to say:

Is the point that maybe, just maybe, crowds chanting for the gassing of Jews might strike someone, at least a sensitive someone, as a wee bit anti-Semitic?

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