Saturday, June 05, 2004

He forgot the one shaped like his favorite Paris backroom Il a oublié la prison sous forme de son backroom préféré dans le Marais
The anti-Semite Willem shares one thing with the self-loathing George Soros: drawing a link between 9-11 and Abu Ghraib. Hey Willem, stick it in your glory hole, and break it off!
L'antisémite Willem partage quelque chose avec George Soros qui lui, pratique la haine de soi: établir un lien entre le 11-9-2001 et Abu Ghraib. Eh dis-donc Willem, enfoncez-le bien profond dans ton 'glory hole', et cassez-le net!

After the destruction of Abu Ghraib, what should the new Baghdad prison look like? The White House, the Roissy airport terminal, or the Twin Towers?

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ed thomas said...

Got a feeling you might be busy with these- I always thought Merde was sensible in not having any.

Also it seemed good to split the personality between two blogs- so I'm surprised but I've updated my favourites.

Got to feel a bit for the thoughtful bloggers and their worthy efforts- but I'll read you first.