Tuesday, June 01, 2004

De Villepin Mop Up

The AP reports reports:
Domonique de Villepin called the rabbi of Boulogne-Billancourt, Victor Bellahcem, Monday, following the physical assault of his son in front of his home on Sunday. De Villepin also telephoned Aziz el Alaouani, head of the Regional Muslim Faith Council in Alsace, after an arson in front of his house in the early morning of the same day.

Concerning the violence directed against the Jewish adolescent, the Interior minister told Mr. Bellahcem of his "profound consternation before such unspeakable acts" and he expressed his "most severe condemnation of this assault of an obviously anti-Semitic nature."

He assured him that "everything would be done to locate the malefactors as soon as possible," according to the ministry.

Regarding the fire started before the home of Mr. El Alaouani in Strasbourg and the racist and nazi inscriptions seen on the wall outside his house, the minister told the Muslim official, "on behalf of the state," of his "vivid emotion" and of his "solidarity in these trying circumstances."

He also expressed "his most severe condemnation of these ignominious acts and his powerful determination to find those responsible as soon as possible."

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Anonymous said...

There are no anti-semits in France, ever!