Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Zapatero's "Dialog and Consensus" with "All"

And speaking of Zapatero...

The afrancesado has learned his (French) lessons well.

In his inaugural, el caniche de Chiraque said that his mantra was "dialog and consensus", adding "I will govern for all with respect and humility".

These expressions, of course, are taken straight from the pages of the French politicians' basic manual, and as with them, the "dialog and consensus" is supposed to apply to "all", except... the usual suspects: Uncle Sam (who, as you well know, is the world's enemy Numero Uno) and those who support the U.S. (those who are dumb enough not to realize this).

So, so far, the 21st century's Neville Chamberlain seems to be living up to expectations.

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