Tuesday, April 27, 2004

French Chef's Panel Discusses America's 'Food Revolution'

Between April 15 and 21, 2004, culinary leaders of America, France, and the UK came together to celebrate the creativity and influence of American chefs on cuisine, wine, farming, and lifestyle throughout the world.
The United States was already famous for its wines, which have become serious competitors for France
wrote Gilles Brochard three days later in Le Figaro.
These days, the country of fast food announces that la haute gastronomie made in USA exists as well. Five years ago, 80% of the chefs in gastronomic restaurants in the United States were French. Today, 60% are American. ...

Raymond Blanc [the most mediatised French chef and restaurateur in England] has brought together American, English, and French chefs in his Quat'Saisons manor near Oxford to hold debates about the 'American food revolution', along with producers, sociologists, and university professors.
The April 24/25 article, entitled Révolution culinaire aux Etats-Unis, goes on to state that the participants sought to understand what is happening in America, where
a veritable tidewave has started to sweep aside "malbouffe" [junk food], often with the complicity of doctors and nutritionists. This turnabout in consumption, notably with the younger generation, favors a healthier education in the fight against obesity, a scourge which is also hitting Europe.

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