Friday, April 30, 2004

Denmark: Standin' Tall and Walkin' Right

Secretary of State Colin Powell made a six-hour stopover in Denmark, a steadfast U.S. ally in military operations.
[During a news conference in Copenhagen] Powell's insistence that the United States and its allies must remain and steer Iraq toward Democracy drew an instant endorsement from Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller. "We reiterated our intention to stay until the job is done," Møller said. …

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen … said "we owe it to the Iraqi people to assist them ... to protect them from the terrorists."

Denmark's decision to keep some 500 troops in Iraq countered somewhat the defection of Spain, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.
A week earlier, Rasmussen flew into Houston to receive the Lyndon Baines Johnson Moral Courage Award on behalf of his country.
Gratitude and remembrance resonated through the ballroom of the Hilton Americas-Houston Wednesday night as Holocaust Museum Houston honored Denmark. … After Rasmussen received the award, Benjamin Warren presented him with a pair of custom-made cowboy boots emblazoned with the flags of Texas and Denmark. "Texans are particularly proud of their boots and count on them to help them to stand tall and walk right," Warren said, adding, "The Kingdom of Denmark clearly understands the importance of standing tall and walking right."

The Prime Minister's speech

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