Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Special: GoFundMe Page for Hilary in Far-Away Port Huron

The sister of an NP reader (and friend) was in a car accident "in faraway Port Huron" a month or two ago which totaled the van she uses for her charity work. (I donated $100 bucks.) The GoFundMe page set up by her friends has more details:

miss hilary was t-bone[d] by a car [in late February], as [the other driver] ran a red light and smashed right into her sending her to the hospital. thankfully the lord was watching over her and allowed her another day with us. She's going to be unable to work during this time and is going to need help not only with medical and bills but also with buying a new van for herself. 

She needs a new van to be able to continue her journey with helping the other families she helps on a daily basis. Hilary runs a good pantry for her church and spends most of her own money to supply the food and material that's donated to many families in need, just last Monday she supplied 17 families with the help they needed to feed their family during this hard time as we know many are not working and every penny counts for those bills. 

She is always and I mean Always putting the needs of others above her own and now it's our turn to show her the live and support she deserves, whether it's donating, sharing or praying it all adds up in our eyes, so please join us and help us get her back on her feet when she's able to do so and help her replace her van as its done for and she needs it in order to shop, provide for families and Continuing to do what she lives the most in life!! thank you everyone for standing behind her and showing your love and support while she heals, i know she appreciates each and every one of you.

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