Friday, April 16, 2021

The Two Rules of Modern Journalism

On a regular basis, Instapundit — rightly — reminds its readers of the definition of modern journalism according to Jim Treacher and to Iowahawk. Both definitions are outstanding, but I think there is room for an additional one. (Update: welcome, Instapundit readers.)

Here, then, are:

The Two Rules of Modern Journalism

RULE # 1: Because journalists are required to be open-minded, exercise independence of spirit, and display a healthy amount of skepticism, the words and deeds of politicians, leaders, and the powerful — as well as those of regular citizens being interviewed — must constantly be questioned, second-guessed, doubted, fact-checked, challenged, and, more often than not, interrupted (more or less politely). 

RULE # 2: Rule # 1 only applies to Republicans.

(And to anybody leaning conservative.)

For Democrats and leftists, the typical query is more along the lines of "pray enlighten us to your glorious plans for fundamentally transforming the United States of America (we will be quiet now)." (Close second: "kindly tell us how much people have suffered, and are still suffering, in this dreadful country of ours.")


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