Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sure Thing—Let's All Go Ahead and Swoon at Barack's Love for Michelle; Only, What Does That Have to Do with Obama's Beliefs and His Performance?

So who was the best family man?

Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?

Where was there better marital harmony?

In the family of Cromwell or in the family of (either) King Charles?

Where is there better marital harmony?

In the family of Barack Obama or in the family of (either) George Bush?

Are you having your fill reading about Barack Obama and how he has led a scandal-free administration besides also the impressiveness of his showing his undying love for the former Michelle LaVaughn Robinson? (See his tears?!)

Hollywood even made a (worshipful, natch) movie about the couple.

Besides the fact that we don't, offhand, know to what extent the external family values of anybody (the Obamas, the Bushes, the Lincolns, the Davises, the Cromwells, the Stuarts, certainly no one currently alive) is real — rather than window dressing, i.e., more or less carefully thought out propaganda, especially when it concerns a politician (!) — isn't there a reason to question the fact that this makes the person better at managing his country, or, for that matter, better at any job at all?

I don't remember many instances from leftists at how impressed we were supposed to be at the "crazy cowboy" aka the "liar" and the "buffoon" for his love for Laura or that of his father for Barbara and how the latter — immediately — turned away a woman visitor who had had the audacity of flirting with him.

Indeed, I remember the same levels of enthusiasm for Bill Clinton, whose marital harmony, I think it would not be hard to argue, was lower than either of his two successors (the latest successor, I am not so sure) or his two predecessors in the White House. And… how about John F Kennedy?

That's it: Barack Obama is the impersonation of coolness, Bill Clinton was/is the impersonation of coolness, JFK was the impersonation of coolness. All of 'em young. All of 'em sexy. That's it, really, ain't it?

Barack Obama, who dances and sings and raps on television. Bill Clinton, who plays the saxophone on stage. JFK, who, who… who just stands around, looking incredibly sexy.

Are we allowed to wonder to what extent being cool and being young (or young-looking) and being sexy and playing a musical instrument (or one's vocal chords) plus being funny on a TV show (see also Michelle Obama being the coolest FLOTUS ever or the FLOTUS of Our Dreams) — and even have a deep, manly voice — is supposed to be a requirement for being a good leader of a country?

Are we to be allowed to wonder to what extent Barack's love (sure — why not accept it as true?) for the woman of his life has anything to do with his beliefs and with his performance in office?

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