Monday, January 16, 2017

Benny Huang gets misty-eyed recalling all the cherished memories from eight years in the Obama White House

When Barack Obama became our president eight years ago
remembers a wistful and dewy-eyed Benny Huang,
the entertainment community welcomed his ascendancy with a video in which they pledged “to be a servant to our president.”

It was one of those creepy montages in which a diverse group of famous people repeat the same thing over and over again. You know the ones I’m talking about. In this case they kept saying “I pledge” to do this or that good deed, but mostly just to be good Obama-bots. I think it was intended to be inspirational, which it was in its own warped way. It inspired me to puke a little in the back of my mouth.

Two terms later and the jet set is back with an administration-produced video in which they recount their favorite moments from the Obama years. This time it didn’t just feature stars and starlets but also a diverse group of regular folks as well.

Their favorite moments were predictable. Leonardo DiCaprio said that his favorite moment was when President Obama declared at the UN that climate change is the most important issue facing this generation and all generations to come. DiCaprio is really, really concerned about “climate change” (which I think used to be called global warming), though not concerned enough to change his hypocritical lifestyle. John Legend claimed that “I never cried before from an election result.” Yeah, lots of us have shed tears in the Obama years though not necessarily from joy. One guy, who I think is a regular Joe, said that his favorite moment was when Barack Obama finally showed his support for same-sex marriage. Yes, we were all relieved when Obama decided to stop lying about that. It was getting really awkward hearing him try to explain his deep Christian faith.

These people are truly, deeply demented.

But I have good news for the celebrities and non-celebrities who appeared in those agitprop films—the best is yet to come! Yes, Barack Obama’s finest moment will occur about noontime on the 20th of January, 2017, when he gets his sorry butt out of the White House. It can’t come fast enough.
I too have my “favorite” moments. And by “favorite” I mean those moments that are seared into my mind for their hypocrisy, incompetence, narcissism, racism, criminality, and/or idiocy. I’m sure my readers have theirs as well and so I invite them to leave those cherished memories in the comments section.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane together.

Remember that time that Obama appointed all of those tax cheats to important positions in his administration? Yeah, me too! Liberals like taxes because they don’t pay them. One of those tax cheats, Tim Geithner, was even appointed Secretary of the Treasury. You know, the guy who oversees the IRS?

And who could forget the time someone put a Chairman Mao ornament on the White House Christmas tree? (Oops, I mean the “holiday tree.”) Seriously, were they sold out of Pol Pot ornaments? Mao Zedong is literally the greatest murderer in world history. Not to be outdone, White House communications director Anita Dunn praised the bloodthirsty tyrant as one “of [her] favorite philosophers”—alongside Mother Teresa!
Then there was that time that Barack won the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing more than being a real cool cat. At the time the award was announced he’d been in office for just twelve days. That was before he took his fleet of drones on a killing spree and before he flooded North Africa with guns that were impossible to account for the moment they were distributed. Apparently, the Nobel panel had some misgivings later in the Obama years that perhaps they had given the prize to an unworthy recipient. Ya think? I wonder what their first clue was? Could it have been the Libyan teenagers in Toyota pickup trucks driving around shooting people with American-furnished weapons? Or was it when those weapons seeped into neighboring Mali and helped al-Qaeda-linked Islamists foment a rebellion?

There are so many good gun-related memories from the Obama years. Operation Fast & Furious (F&F) was when Eric Holder’s Department of Justice purposely allowed weapons to “walk” from Arizona gun stores across the border to the Mexican underworld, allegedly so that they could be tracked by their serial numbers. The whole operation spun out of control and the DOJ lost track of the guns. One of those guns was used to kill Brian Terry, a US Border Patrol agent and Marine Corps veteran. An F&F .50 caliber rifle was found at the criminal hideout of notorious narco-gangster El Chapo when he was arrested last year. A third F&F gun was found in the possession of an Islamic terrorist bent on shooting up the “Draw Mohammad” contest in Garland, Texas, and a possible fourth was used in the November 2015 ISIS attacks in Paris.

Another classic Obama moment was when he released five top Taliban commanders, which he did not have the legal authority to do, in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who was supposedly being held captive in Afghanistan. Except he kind of wasn’t. Bergdahl deserted his post and went straight to the Taliban. Subsequent attempts to locate and rescue him got good soldiers killed or wounded. National Security Advisor Susan Rice claimed that Sergeant Dirtbag “served with honor and distinction.” She later clarified that she meant only that his original decision to enlist was honorable if not the circumstances of his, um, “capture.” But in any case, “serving” is what soldiers do every day in the military, while enlisting is what they do on their first day. By her definition of the word there’s never been a soldier who didn’t serve with honor and distinction because they all enlisted at some point. Rice’s original comment was not misunderstood, it was a lie.

And let’s not forget all the great work Obama has done on the behalf of convicted felons.

In 2015, President Obama decreed that federal agencies would be prohibited from asking prospective employees if they had ever been convicted of a felony because not hiring felons is raaaaacist! Gee, I wonder if a person could get a job at the White House with a criminal record? But at very least this action was within the president’s legitimate authority. Then the Administration warned landlords that asking a prospective tenant about his criminal background is also illegal. This move was dressed up as a new but wholly legitimate interpretation of the already existing Fair Housing Act. In reality, it was a complete re-write of the law that bans discrimination based on race, not criminal history. So now you have to rent a room in your home to someone who might be a murderer or a rapist. You’ll never know because you can’t ask.

I’m getting a little misty-eyed recalling all of these great times we’ve shared together. There was that time—who could forget it?—when the full force of the federal government was brought to bear on the Little Sisters of the Poor in order to force them to provide birth control to their employees. Then there was that other time that Obama’s Secretary of the Navy named a ship after the pedophile Harvey Milk, as well as the time that the DOJ dismissed all charges against the New Black Panthers after they stood outside of a polling place in Philadelphia threatening voters with a billy club and saying that they were about to “be ruled by the black man, cracker!”

But I’ve saved my absolute favorite Obama memory for last. My favorite moment, bar none, was when Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for his refusal to provide documents related to the Fast & Furious debacle and the US Attorney refused to prosecute! That’s right, the department which Holder headed excused its boss. Poor Eric Holder, that innocent lamb, the one who dealt death to Mexicans (and some Americans, Frenchmen, etc), then lied about it, then blew off subpoenas, got off without so much as a slap on the wrist. That, ladies and gentleman, was the quintessential moment of the Obama Administration. It was all there, all on display—the arrogance, the deceit, the reckless disregard for people and processes.

So what are your favorite memories? Do tell. Some day we might need to remind ourselves of why we can never allow a Marxist ideologue in the Oval Office ever again.

You are invited to leave those cherished memories of yours in the blog's comments section.

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