Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Should Ted Cruz call it quits if he loses to The Donald in Indiana?

Do you think that Ted Cruz needs to call it quits if he loses to Trump in Indiana? 
asks Clash Daily.
Or do you think he needs to keep going and still has a chance? 
There is NO WAY Ted Cruz should call it quits!

Whatever Trump's qualifications or lack thereof,
he is but the latest GOP candidate that the
Democrats and their minions in the MSM dearly — dearly
want to run in the election, so that they can tear him
to pieces (not without reason), effectively allowing
the White House to go to a supporter of statism
(which will happen whoever is the 2016 victor if
The Donald turns out to be one of the candidates).

As Ted Cruz himself remarked on Sunday,
the networks would earn millions of dollars
by continuing their highly successful rounds of
GOP debates, and they are willing to lose that money
for the simple reason that their preferred GOP
candidate would emerge looking perhaps not 
like a fool when facing Ted, but certainly diminished. 
Like McCain and Romney in 2008 and 2012,
the MSM is holding back on its criticism of
Donald Trump and his financial choices 
through the years and decades, criticism 
which will explode into the open, if and 
when The Donald is chosen as the GOP's
candidate, and never cease until November.

The Democrats' and the MSM's motto might be, 
Hillary looks terrible (no one can deny it),
so what is needed is a GOP candidate who is,
or who can be depicted as, far worse.
One might wonder whether the Democrats don't
want to effectively make America a one-party state,
with the Republicans being no more than a secondary
party with its ranks filled with either with

alter ego Democrat types or with what
looks like (
unelectable) crazed extremists.

Meaning that the Democrats, or that people

echoing their ideology (even inside the GOP
— think John Boehner and people of his ilk),
would effectively win every election in the future.

Ted Cruz understands what's at stake, and he will
— rightly — not give in to the forces who want to 
silence American voters while destroying American