Thursday, June 23, 2016

America's Savior and the World's Last Hope, According to German Magazine: "Hillary Clinton must protect the world from Donald Trump"

Here is what THE MISSION is, according to Der Spiegel:
Hillary Clinton must protect the world from Donald Trump
This is of course what the MSM, both in America and abroad, has been hoping as well as working for — giving Trump $2 billion in free advertising, ending the GOP debates after The Donald emerged ahead — finding a Republican candidate so awful that whomever the Democrats nominated would look good (like a savior) in comparison.

Bill Clinton's wife is AMERICA'S LAST HOPE, explains Holger Stark:
The bloody Orlando attack has enabled Donald Trump's candidacy of fear and escalation.  Hillary Clinton is the only one, who can stop him — however, her election campaign is not igniting, as the people distrust her.
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